We are doing hard work to keep original and unique content here. Now we only accept high quality and unique guest post and review post. 

We don’t want to put any type of content that we don’t trust. First we check the product in our site, then we write post on that product or give an advertisement slot as per the requirement.

* To keep the site content original and fresh, we don’t accept any type of sponsored post. 

We Accept Review Post

Want to promote your product and looking for a review post on #wpyard? No problem, we accept review post. We don’t outsource the writing review post. All post are personally written by Amit Singh after digging the product first.

We’ll give a true review of your service or product with a minimum of 1500 words

Review Post will remain forever in our blog and they go in our social media rotation queue and newsletter to be shared with our blog readers.

Review Post Packs

1 Review Post – $375

2 Review Posts – $695

5 Review Posts – $1595

Custom Pack? Let’s Talk

Advertisement Slot Pack

Sidebar Slot (2 slots available) – Check price below

In Article Ads (1 slot only) – $125/month

After first paragraph of post (1 slot only) – $295/month

Custom Slot? Let’s Talk

Sidebar Slots

Slot-1 (top right) – $115/month 

Slot-2 (below slot-1) – $95/month

In article ads

Between the article totally depends on us. 

Terms & Condition 

Width and height advertisement slots  totally depends on us. We optimize the ads to match the site content. Eg. height can’t be full page or half page that hide other elements on the site.

1 month = 30 days. Renewal will be totally depend on us. If the slot is available for the next upcoming period, you can continue else look over other slot option.


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