Cloak Affiliate Link – Best Guide for WordPress Website

Do you want to cloak affiliate link? Do you want to make your affiliate link short and branded rather than using ugly and long affiliate links? But before starting do you know what is cloaking link and how it helps you to manage your affiliate links easily.

What is Cloak Affiliate Link?

Cloaking links is a technique for bloggers for replacing long and ugly URLs to branded URLs. After cloaking link you will get a short, clean and branded URL for affiliate programs.

for example


Original affiliate Links contains your id and username, also hard to remember these long URLs. By using cloaking link one can easily solve it. You can easily create your branded URLs for affiliate links.

How will cloak affiliate link help in SEO?

best practice for adding external links to your site with “no-follow”. Cloaking link plugins help by adding “no-follow” for external affiliate links automatically. External links with “follow” can hurt your site ranking badly.

How to Cloak Affiliate Link in WordPress?

In wordpress, there is a lot of option for cloaking links. You can do it manually but it requires some coding skills.

For a non-techie person, there is a number of free and paid plugins available. here we list the best handy cloak affiliate link plugins. You can pick anyone and use your site without any hassle.

Full Disclosure – This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission (No additional cost to you).

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1. Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates is the best plugin for cloaking links in wordpress. its a lite-weight plugin comes with a bunch of add-ons with great features. Some of the add-ons are the auto linker, stats, Geolocation, azon, Google click tracking, CSV importer etc.  In WPYard we are using Thirsty Affiliates and found it really amazing. It helps to organize all our affiliate links in one place. It is a free plugin and has an add-on bundle with the plan.

Add-on details

Autolinker – It will automatically linking affiliate links to your keywords on your site and increase your revenue graph.

Google click tracking – It will add special google analytic click event code on your affiliate link.

Stats – Get complete details about your links which one is popular and many more options.

Scheduled Links – Create special schedules for your affiliate links to automatically change the destination URL. Helpful in time period affiliate links.

CSV Importer – Import your links from other packages in simple CSV format.

Geo-location – Help to Geo-targeted your visitors and redirect them to geographically appropriate alternative affiliate URLs.

Get the add-on bundle here

Stop thinking and get this one quickly.

Download – Thirsty Affiliate WP Plugin

2. Pretty Links (Lite)

Pretty Links

Pretty Links is another great plugin with 2M+ downloads on wordpress plugin repository. Pretty Links is a useful plugin for people who want to clean up and short their ugly and long affiliate links. It will also track clicks from email. A very handy plugin for cloak affiliate links in wordpress. It is available for free in wordpress plugin repository.

Pro version is also available with lots of great features like automatic cloak links and replaces keywords throughout the site with many other interesting features.

Download – Pretty Link (Lite)

3. Easy Affiliate Links

Easy Affiliate Links

Easy Affiliate Links is a simple plugin with a neat and clean layout. Easy to manage and cloak affiliate links in one place.

Some of its features are given below as mentioned on wordpress plugin page

  • Create short links to cloak your affiliate links
  • Easily access your links in the visual and HTML editor
  • Assign categories to your links
  • Tracking of monthly and lifetime clicks
  • Import affiliate links from XML
  • Ability to export your links to XML

Like others, it also comes with premium Add-on bundles which increase the features of Easy Affiliate Link. Some of the add-ons are statistics, broken links checker, Geospecific links etc. Most of the add-on is in the development phase.

Download – Easy Affiliate Links


At present cloak affiliate link becomes the part of marketing strategies with a compulsory SEO practice. Cloaking Links helps to manage all affiliate links at one place and provide a short, clean and branded URLs. You can see top sites using the technique of clock affiliate links.

For any query or need assistance to setup feel free to drop a message in the comment box or contact us using the contact page.

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