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Nowadays creating a website is not a tough task. The factors related to a website development and its performance completely changes in the modern scenario. At present we use lots of different tactics to improve website rank in search engine. Another factor is that we spent a decent amount of money on SEO tools, Cache, CDN (Content Delivery Network), Website Speed etc to improve site ranking.

The Website with good seo score, cache enabled, optimized quality content, CDN integrated, schema integrated etc, has higher page rank. Eventually focusing on content creating, we also need to give some time to these various factors. In the previous post, I told you about wordpress seo and cache plugins. In this post, I am going to tell you about CDN for speed up your website to load faster.

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Search Engine Contribution for Sending Traffic

Actually, we optimize website according to search engines algorithms. In other words, websites are optimized mostly according to Google Algorithms because it has the largest contribution to traffic on a website. According to the Net Market Share, 78% of traffic coming from Google.


search engine traffic

In Summary factors like

  1. SEO
  2. Cache
  3. Website Speed or load time
  4. Clean Coding, Schema Integration
  5. Keyword Research

and much more are responsible for better page rank. Now come to the main point – What is CDN and why we need it?

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Getting Started with CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN (Content Delivery Network) – is a system of multiple connected servers distributed around the world. In general terms, servers are placed at various different location globally. Website’s files are stored in these locations so that when a user visits a CDN enabled site, files are served from the nearest location, not from the hosting destination to that user. Confusing? Read below for more detail;

In Simple Terms:

CDN is a system of the connected server at multiple locations around the world. When a user visits your site, files are served from hosting storage and use server resources. If huge traffic visits on the site, then the files are served from the same hosting storage, cause a server crash or poor site performance. Sometimes it shows “500 Server Error”. But if your site is CDN enabled, then the website files are automatically stored in various connected servers around the world and when users visit your site, static files (images, js, CSS, flash etc) are served from the geographically nearest location of the server to the user. Files are not served from the hosting storage, therefore, no load on the hosting server. It will also minimize the server resources to perform better.

Image Source – KeyCDN


Security –  It prevents DDoS Attack, Backdoor Attack etc to secure your website from hackers and harmful bots. 

Improve SEO –  After Google Panda Updates, site load time also a factor for SEO. CDN improves site speed and reduces load time quickly. Helpful for improving page rank.

Save Hosting Resources – Eventually, CDN reduces the load time of a website because files are served from the nearest location to the user as well as minimizing the resources of hosting. Due to serving files from the distributed network, less hosting resources are uses like CPU usage, I/O usage, Bandwidth etc.

There are lots of CDN Providers around the world but I have listed only a few of them to avoid confusion like many others does – 10+ best CDN, 20+best CDN blah…blah…blah! You can select any one of them according to your need, website load and budget.

1.  MaxCDN –


US-based CDN provider company established in 2009. They help accelerate popular sites including 9GAG, The Next Web, WPEngine, Stackoverflow, StumbleUpon and others. It is popular among bloggers, gaming sites etc. 

It has servers on multiple locations around the world like Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Israel, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York,  Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt and many more. 

If you are using W3 Total Cache plugin on your wordpress site, then you can easily integrate MaxCDN because W3 Total Cache comes with inbuilt MaxCDN integration features. You only need to install and activate the W3 Total Cache plugin and give the required information to enable MaxCDN. 

Pricing – Pricing starts at $9/month. 

Go for MaxCDN

2. Incapsula CDN –

Incapsula CDN

Incapsula is another top CDN provider worked with many top brands like Hitachi, Xoom, Wix, Siemens, Moz, SendGrid and many other. It is a combination of Security and Speed, prevent form DDoS attack, backdoor attack. Its multiple data centers handle the load balance easily to improve site performance. 

Pricing – Pricing starts at $59/month. to know more please visit Incapsula Website from the link given below. 

Go for Incapsula

3. KeyCDN –


Super Fast CDN provider with highly optimized TCP stack and 100% SSD coverage. Another great CDN service provider has a vast list of features categorized in optimization, security, pull and push features etc. 

It offers Easy pay-as-you-go pricing with full control over your assets using our powerful management dashboard and RESTful API.

KeyCDN has multiple server locations e.g. Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney, Moscow, Paris, Stockholm, London, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Sau Paulo, Seattle, Los Angeles, Madrid and many more location to provide fast and secure content. 

Try For Free – KeyCDN

4. Cloudflare CDN –


Another great CDN provider popular among the bloggers and site owners due to its flexible and free features. Almost every site has Cloudflare enabled. Providing Unmetered Mitigation of DDoS, Global CDN, Shared SSL certificate, I’m Under Attack mode, the 3-page rule included, Access to Cloudflare Apps for free. 

Free Apps – Vast repository of free useful apps for your website like live chat support, Click to Twit, Monetization apps, security apps etc. Some of them are free while some apps are paid. 

In my opinion for a newbie, Cloudflare is the best CDN provider. You can add more than one website in your free account. If you want to unlock more features like more than 3 page rule, Enterprise-grade DDoS protection with network prioritization, Advanced web application firewall (WAF) with unlimited custom rulesets, Image optimizations with Polish, Mobile optimizations with Mirage and many more powerful features, You only need to upgrade your free account into Pro Plan, Business plan or Custom plan starting from $20/month per domain. 

Go For Free – Cloudflare


Like other techniques, CDN is also necessary for a website or blog to grow rapidly. After Google Panda Updates, site load time also plays an important role to improve page rank. Like SEO, Cache, Schema Integration techniques, we also need to integrate CDN in a website to perform better and give a full user experience to the readers. Pick anyone which one suits your need and fits in your budget and integrate within your site to improve site ranking in search engines. 

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