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Are you running a blog and want to make some decent amount from your blog? Then this is the right post for you. Making money from a blog is not as easy as people think. You need to work continue on your blog and most important part is keep patience. In this post, you know the various methods to make money from a blog.

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Before exploring methods to make money, You should check some facts about blogging. You know how many blogs die every year? Success or Failure of a blog depends on its unique and strong contents with lots of other tools/techniques like improving page rank, hosting, CDN, SEO etc. Bloggers should persistent to keep their work maintain and update time to time.

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Make Money From Your Blog

Making money from a blog is tough or easy? The answer to this questions is not clear. Many bloggers think it is easy but most of think it is not as easy as others think. In my opinion, it neither tough nor easy. It only needs consistent work, dedication, strong content and powerful promotion strategy. Check the list how one can make money from a blog.

1. Google Adsense

The most popular methods for making money online from the blog. One can have a website with a decent amount of traffic can easily earn some good amount with it. Also, this is the first method comes to mind for revenue generation when one wants to start a blog. It has a strict guideline and one can only have one Adsense account.

It has two type –

Content – for website with top level domain name (eg., etc)

Content-host – for Youtube, Bloggers

You can’t use content-host ads code in your website. You need to apply for each one if you want to use both.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the highest paying method for online money making. To start affiliate marketing you need to join the affiliate program first. Almost every type of blogs can apply for affiliate marketing with their respected services.

In affiliate marketing, you need to promote the brand on your site using banner or text link and send traffic to their site. If a visitors purchase product using your affiliate link, you will get a commission. Some companies offer very less amount but sometimes it is enough to make smile on your face.

You can join the affiliate network like ShareASale, ImpactRadius etc or directly join products like BlueHost, amazon etc.

Passive income - money making

3. Text Link Selling

If you get a descent amount of traffic on your blog, you can easily sell your text link to make money online. I read somewhere on the internet (not remembered the blog link ), a travel blogger sold his first text link worth $1000. Sounds good! Create unique evergreen content, get descent amount of traffic and grab the reward.

4. E-book Selling

E-book selling is also a good option to make some descent amount online. You can see many bloggers or influencers are selling their e-book on the internet. Now if you have knowledge or experience of something, write it down, create e-book with awesome cover and sell on the internet.

5. Online Course Selling

If you have depth knowledge of anything want to tech others, create online course site using WP leaning management system and sell your tutorials in slides or video format. People love to reading and if your content is great and useful, they will surely join your program. Eg., etc.

6. Image Selling

Best way for photographers, travelers or people who love to capture moments with their camera. If you want to make money with your pictures, sell on site like 500px prime, sutterstock, smugmug pro etc.

Check this awesome list for image selling site –  Click Here

7. Sponsored Post

If your blog getting good amount of traffic, you can offer other small bloggers for sponsored post. Almost every bloggers want to increase traffic on their site, sponsored post will help a lot to them and they will definitely approaches for your offer.

8. Sold website Space for Advertising

Sold your website spaces for third party advertisements. You an sold your sidebar space, top banners space and many more places totally depends  on your choice. It is also the highest paying methods for blog owners.

9. Offer Product Review

This method is for the top level bloggers and the site which gets huge monthly traffics. Companies want to promote their products by review method. You can see lots of review site over the internet. Best WP Product Review Plugin – Download From Here

Final Words

Before thinking over making money, create unique content on your blog, get some descent amount of traffics and then join revenue generation program that you like most. Create content for your audience not for money making, You will get reward automatically.  Try to engage your visitors with your great contents. Also don’t put up too much ads on your site that panic the visitors to leave your site quickly.

If you know more techniques, please let me know in comment box, I will love to add in this list.

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