Tips to Increase Page Views and Reduce Bounce Rate In WordPress

The perspective of running a blog is different for various bloggers. Some bloggers think getting visitors on site is not tough but the majority of bloggers believe that getting visitors and engage them on site is a very tough task.

But in my opinion, you need to give your 100% in each task whether it is getting visitors or engage them on the website. But all the hard work matters if your site has great and good quality contents. Here I share some tips to decrease your website bounce rate and increase site pageviews as well.

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What is Bounce Rate and Page View?

Bounce Rate – Visitors leave the site without visiting the second page of your website is known as bounce rate.

Page View – When a user visits your page or the number of pages viewed by the visitors is known as the pageview.

for a better CPM and CTR, you should have low bounce rate and better pageview.

These terms are tracked generally by Google Analytics. You can also install Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) and Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights for tracking all the record within your wordpress dashboard.

Except for these tools, you can audit your website SEO and track all record by Semrush, a well known and used by top brands and blogs.

Tips  To Decrease Bounce Rate and Increase Pageviews

For decreasing bounce rate you need to follow the tips mention below.

1. Improve Blog Design

The first thing you need to do is improve blog design according to the search engines and SEO basis. In wordpress, there are lots of wordpress theme which you can use on your blog and site. Before using theme just check some basic features to optimize your site

(a) Mobile Responsive Theme

(b) Built-in SEO

(c) Speed Optimized

(d) Scheme Integrated

(e) Neat and Clean Design

(d) Easy Setup and regular Updates etc.

Here I list some great theme for wordpress blog or website


Elegant Theme

Genesis Framework 


You can also check out these articles for getting a WordPress theme for your site.

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increase pageviews

2. Remove Popups

In the present scenario, popup content leaves a very bad impression on your users and percentage of visitors to leave site frequently. It increases bounce rate. Therefore you need to remove popup content instantly. The other reason is popup contents are not mobile friendly which cause poor site performance.

3. Post Interlinking

Post interlinking is very good and recommended by almost every blogger. This way you can engage your visitors on your site. There are lots of plugin for this task to do automatically rather than doing manually.

Here it is worth mentioning about content interlinking wordpress plugin which is very useful. The plugin is Thirsty Affiliates which is highly used by bloggers to manage their affiliate links and convert them into a pretty and short URL.

Thirsty Affiliate helps to manage all the external and internal links according to your need. We often forget to add rel=nofollow when we add external links. We can control them using thirsty affiliate plugin.

For content interlinking, you need to activate thirsty affiliate Add-On. A lightweight and very useful wordpress .plugin.

4. Use Externals Links WordPress Plugin

For configuring all external links to nofollow just use External Links WordPress plugin which can manage all your external and internal links very easily.

For External links, you can set it no-follow, no-opener etc and have options to open in the same window or in the completely new tab. You can also add an icon next to the external links. You can do these setting for internal links also but it is not recommended.

5. Post Length Should be More than 800 – 1000 Words

Post length defines the quality of the content. Google also gives priority on the basis of length of the article. In the current scenario, your article length should be 2000 – 2500 words.

Add some facts and figures to support your article. give some reference from the external site if have which can increase domain value and page ranking as well.

6. Use Semrush SEO Tool

It is the most important part of a blog or website. Semrush helps to find the long tail keyword, tracks all the SEO aspects of your site gives you a detailed view of your site, what you should do or not.

Semrush is a very powerful competitors keyword research intelligence tools for online marketers. It will help to perform complete SEO audit of your site.

You can access 14 days free trial of Semrush tool from here – Get Free Trail – Semrush

7. Schema Integration

Schema integration will help you to improve your page rank in SERPs. Lots of good quality wordpress themes come with schema integrated. OceanWP is one of the rapidly growing wordpress themes which has great features. Read about OceanWP here.

If your theme does not come with schema markup integration, then you need to install a free plugin named Schema from the wordpress plugin repository.

If you are using Yoast SEO wordpress plugin, you don’t need to do anything. It will manage all the scheme markup integration automatically within your site.

Schema Integration Schema markup

8. Use Image Optimization Technique

Large image size can increase your site loading time and in the result, approx 85% visitors leave site frequently. Therefore you need to optimize your site images to load fast.

You need to do two things for image optimization in wordpress.

(a) if you are using jetpack, toggle the button ON for image optimization in jetpack setting option.

(b) Use (Smush Image Compression and Optimization by WPMUDEV) plugin to automatically optimize your images.

Read more about image optimization here –  Image Optimization

9. Related Posts

It is another best practice to engage users. Great themes like elegant, genesis, oceanwp come with this features. but f your theme not provided related post features, don’t worry, you can use it easily on your site.

(a) Use WordPress Themes with related posts features like Elegant, Genesis, OceanWP etc.

(b) On related posts section from Jetpack Setting

(c) You wordpress plugin like YARPP to activate this features.

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